As part of our full array of professional moving services, Castro’s Transportation offers professional packing and unpacking services.

Packing Service Levels

  • Full-Service Packing:  Professional packers take care of everything.
  • Fragile-only Packing: Professional packers take care of breakable items, such as china, dishes and mirrors, and you do the rest.
  • Standard Self-Pack: You do all of the packing.

We can customize a packing solution to best meet your needs whether you want us to do all, some, or none of the packing for your move.

Packing is one of the items that many people will choose to take on themselves as a way to save cost in the moving process. No matter if you want us to take on your packing or you want to do it yourself, the important thing is that the packing is done right so your belongings make it to your destination in great shape.